I am a Radiation Oncologist with a deep passion for evidence-based complementary treatments for cancer. I combine traditional and holistic principles of wellness to offer an integrative approach for patients and their loved ones. My passion comes from the conviction that the best form of care for an individual is a limitless, unique combination of treatments that depends highly on the individual needs as assessed by a well-trained practitioner.

To be clear, I am not all about alternative medicine, nor do I believe that chemotherapy and/or radiation are “bad” like I hear all too often. In fact for many patients, these tools are an absolutely essential component to the treatment plan I recommend. But at the same time, I know there is so much more to the equation than just attacking the cancer with force. There is a complex human involved, and it’s time we start honoring the multitude of proven methods of strengthening the body, mind and soul to give that individual the best possible odds of not only surviving, but thriving.

Among these pages you will find a list of my basic services, as well as a collection of writings I regularly share that go more in-depth about the concepts I believe in. If there is a specific type of treatment you’re interested in but don’t see mentioned on this website, please reach out to me and we can discuss further about it. I thank-you for meeting me along this path and I welcome you with an open heart.




I offer consultation services to provide individualized guidance, support, care, recommendations and referrals. You are welcome to bring along anyone who is supporting you and together we will come up with a clear path forward along your journey.

For health care professionals, I also give presentations that go more in depth about my findings with evidence-based integrative medicine in improving patient outcomes.

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Latest Writings